Victoria's Laboratory

Use clothing organizer for your closet

Study your closet.You should create several clothing sets for any weather and destination in Victoria's clothes organizer. After that, you'll be ready for work or walk very fast. You will need only a few minutes to make up and pick an ornament. You'll have the best outfit always

How to create clothing set in Victoria's Clothes Organizer?

Select the empty row in the Clothing sets table. Double click on the field "Clothing sets description" and type a name of your new set. For example "Set for restaurant". Then select a destination from the drop down list. You can enter a new destination if don't find it in the destination list. Select or enter the weather and temperature for this set. You should define all clothes for this set in the table "Clothes for set". You can select items from the drop down list or enter a new dress using the right small button "Edit and Add clothes". Select the option at the pop up for Add or Edit. Enter a description and load a photo from an image file. You can enter any category and any location for this item. If you want remove an item from the set you can use the left small button "Remove item". Click on the button "All clothes" and you'll see the list of all your clothes. You can edit,add and delete clothes and use filters by category and by location. You see when and how many times you dressed each item. Click on the button "Select" and add an item to the current clothing set. You can save when you dressed this set. Use the special table "When dressed" . Select an empty row and select a date from the calendar.

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