Victoria's Laboratory

Take picture of clothes and accessories

You can create a list of all your clothes in Victoria's clothes organizer. It's very important to have pictures of your clothing and accessories. This will allow you to create sets matching clothes by color and a style.If you have a digital camera you'll be able to take pictures of your clothes very fast.Use a white background for your photos.You will be easier to compare the colors of elements in sets of clothing

How to load photos in Victoria's Clothes Organizer?

First of all, you have to download all your photos from the digital camera to your computer. Then,open the program and click on the button "All clothes". Then click on the button "New" and enter a name of clothing, purchase date and cost. Then select a category and location. If you don't have the desired category use the small button near the field Category and add a new category. You can add a new location too. After that, click on the button "Load photo" and select appropriate pictures. Click the button OK and begin to enter a next item.

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